12 Mar 2013


Why hello there! Third post in three days, aren't you lucky? I intended to do this post a couple of weeks ago and just found the photos, so thought I'd finally make this, so here it is - my room tour!

Duvet Cover: Ikea
Throw 1: Sainsbury's
Throw 2: Primark
Throw 3: Ikea

Lamp: Ikea
Picture Frame: Ikea 
(NOTE: I filled this frame just for these pictures, it's been empty for about a month. How sad!)
Mug: whittard.co.uk

School Bag: Ripcurl

Wardrobe: Ikea (Notice how I have no handles yet...)

Top shelf: Jumpers
Hanging Space
Bottom Shelf: Bags
Draw 1: T-Shirts/Tank Tops/Shorts
Draw 2: Pyjamas
Draw 3: Work Out Gear/Scarves

Make Up Storage: House of Bath
Separate post will be up for this!

Dressing Table: Ikea

Full length mirror
Please don't judge me for my awkward feet and how much of a lazy day I was having, I'm literally wearing one of my boyfriend's t-shirts there, oops!


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